Aluminium Mesh

We have a large repertoire of Aluminium Wire Meshes which are among the best in the competition. These are manufactured to cater to the needs of the local and international markets. We offer checkered sheets, hairline Aluminium Wire mesh sheets, 8K mirror finished aluminium alloy sheets, etc. They are widely used in the field of decoration etc. The customer can avail these from us at the best of prices.
Aluminium is a silvery white reactive metal which is usually covered by a tenacious oxide coating. This renders it inert to acids, but it is attacked by alkalies. It is the most common metallic element in the earth's crust (82000 ppm) and is extracted from the hydrated oxide, Bauxite, by electrolysis of the oxide dissolved in molten sodium hexafluoroaluminate (cryolite). The metal has good thermal properties and is malleable and ductile. Aluminium and its alloys are widely used for various applications including aircraft assemblies and engine parts.

Material Size Usage Approx Price
Aluminium As per requirement Industrial Rs 130 /Square Feet

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