Structural Glazing

Today structural glazing is the ultramodern clothing for facades of buildings and structures of various designation. All projects of structural glazing are fabulously amazing, being light and powerful at the same time. The transparency and openness of these buildings to the outer world reflects aspiration of human society to new design.
Rapid development of construction in Russia increased the demand for entirely new technologies in construction that have been applied in other countries for approximately 45 years. In our time of competition the attention of potential clients should be attracted as early as at the entrance to your office building, so it is difficult to overestimate the influence of the buildings glass and metal facade implemented in fantastic forms with the use of structural glazing technology. Customers self-expression reflected in the project thanks to architects' ideas, will be satisfied with ample opportunities of structural glazing. All projects of structural glazing have always inspired the feeling of stability of companies possessing such magnificent and expensive buildings. Architectural studios more and more often draw attention of their customers to facades made of modern building materials used in structural glazing. The new architecture is our new view of the world that brought about changes in architecture of our cities, reflecting the world of technologies and globalization. The mankind aspires to completely new, yet unseen forms of its existence.

Surface Treatment Usage Thickness Approx Price
Anodized, Brushed, Foil Decor, etc. Outdoor 3mm Rs 250 /Square Feet

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